Intergalactic Peace is depending on you.  Won't you please help?Welcome to the one and only OFFICIAL website created to promote Intergalactic PeaceIntergalactic Peace.  It is the ultimate gift.

The OFFICIAL home of Intergalactic PeaceThe TRUTH about Intergalactic WarThe one hope for Peace in the Galaxy... The Intergalactic Peace CouncilGive the gift of Intergalactic PeaceJoin the Intergalactic Peace Council.  You will be happy you did.


We've been amazed at the reception Intergalactic Peace has received!  What started out as a small group of friends, looking to find something light-hearted and 'cosmically healthy' to create, has gone international!

The majority of the feedback we've received centers around the one question we hear again and again: Is this for real?

Well, in a nutshell: YES!  Why not?  The world's gotten a little dark and tense, as of late.  We feel that a secretive organization bent on securing Intergalactic Peace is a good thing,  (a slightly humorous and twisted website can't hurt either!)  We invite you to look around our humble little website.  We hope it lightens your day.  A smile or two will be reward enough for us... and another membership into the Intergalactic Peace Council will be more than a little welcome!

The Intergalactic Peace Council's Inner Circle

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Who can stop Intergalactic War?  One person, and one person alone... YOU!   Join the Intergalactic Peace Council and fulfill your destiny as the bringer of peace across the reaches of space.  Do YOUR part to make the Universe a safe and happy place.  Joining is easy and the benefits are "out of this world!"  

There are no physical requirements, no secret handshakes, no tattoos in strange places needed to join.  All you need is the ability to dream large and the strength to stand apart from the crowd.

Yes, this is for real! It's not a dream!

We all know, deep down, that Intergalactic War is not the answer.  It takes courage and action to change the coure we are on.  I beg you, do not let this opportunity pass.  Make your voice heard.
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